About Kidada Hawkins

Hailing from Auburndale, Florida, Kidada Hawkins has established himself as a accomplished leader in the realm of healthcare. With a rich and varied career, he embarked on his journey after attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Morehouse College. His academic pursuits continued as he secured a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Health Services Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Beyond these academic achievements, Kidada Hawkins boasts a range of certifications that have expanded his expertise.Since 2007, Kidada Hawkins has been deeply immersed in healthcare administration, primarily in the state of Alabama. His professional journey commenced at Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, where he contributed to recruitment and various administrative spheres. Transitioning to St. Vincent’s Health System, he assumed his inaugural executive role. Over five years within this healthcare domain, Kidada Hawkins made significant strides. He elevated staff engagement, successfully transformed a facility from perennial losses to profitability, and orchestrated substantial enhancements in patient satisfaction ratings.Subsequent to his tenure at St. Vincent’s Health System, Kidada Hawkins assumed the mantle of CEO at Shoals Hospital. In this capacity, he exerted substantial effort to reverse fiscal decline, enhance the facility's reputation within the community, and mend relationships with physicians. During his three-year incumbency, Kidada Hawkins notably decreased serious safety incidents by 47%, curbed turnover rates, and uplifted inpatient satisfaction benchmarks. His achievements in this role paved the way for his elevation to the position of Market Chief Operating Officer at Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Collaborating with Walker Baptist Medical Center and Princeton Baptist Medical Center, he perpetuated his track record of elevating patient experience and other pivotal performance metrics.Kidada Hawkins' professional trajectory underscores his adept leadership that consistently yields tangible results and facilitates teams in achieving their full potential. He has guided multiple facilities from dire fiscal straits and negative community perceptions to becoming flourishing medical institutions. His experience encompasses both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems, affording him unique insights into the operational nuances of these divergent models. His accomplishments have been acknowledged beyond his organizations, as he was prominently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review in 2019 and 2020 as an eminent African American healthcare leader.Beyond his professional sphere, Kidada Hawkins remains committed to his community, dedicating his time as a volunteer in various capacities. He has contributed to multiple nonprofit and philanthropic boards, including notable involvement with the FORGE Breast Cancer Survivor Project and Kid One Transport. Kidada Hawkins ardently champions accessible healthcare for community members and finds gratification in these opportunities to give back.